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My new comic is live: Oscar's Kitchen, a culinary divine comedy. Kitchen staff accidentally summon the devil. Hilarity ensues. Check it out!

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Okay, we've got a lot to cover this week, so let's get started.

I'm going to temporarily suspend this story arc starting with this update. I'm drawing some "Box Office Rip-off" question pages, and then there will be at least one guest strip (if you want to do a guest strip for SCB, send it to me by June 29th and I'll put you up some time after that). After that, it is baby time and all bets are off, though I will try to at least put up a pin-up or something every week. And probably some baby pictures; you know what first time dads are like. I hope to resume and finish tying up this story arc some time in September.

So okay, what else? My friends Nick Brienza and Egypt Urnash have started posting their comic 5 Glasses of Absinthe. I've read a good chuck of the first chapter, and it is beautiful stuff. I suggest you add it to your feed reader. I am lead to understand that it gets fairly dirty, at points, but if you are reading my comic, I'm sure you can handle that.

Meanwhile, cartoonist and educator Marek Bennett is taking pre-orders fora new collection of his Xeric Award winning comic strip "Mimi's Donuts". I'm a big fan of Marek's work, and trust me, you want this comic.

And finally, I wanted to thank all of my loyal readers -- you're like the Marine Corps; there aren't a lot of you, but you represent an elite that others can only aspire to. ;) Keep coming back, and I'll keep posting.

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"When anyone is disturbed or saddened under the pretext of a good and soul-profiting matter, and is angered against his neighbour, it is evident that this is not according to God: for everything that is of God is peaceful and useful and leads a man to humility and to judging himself." -- St. Barsanuphius the Great