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Crap I Watched on Netflix Recently

Crap I Watched on Netflix Recently published on No Comments on Crap I Watched on Netflix Recently

I tend to have movies on while I draw. Usually terrible horror movies. But not always. Some highlights:

The Barricade (2012) — Asshole psychiatrist and terrible dad hits a wolf with his car, and leaves it to die cold and alone in the woods. No one cares. There’s something about a haunted house in there, too, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that poor wolf. They’re an endangered species, you know!

American Psycho (2000) — A sexy, refined Christian Bale welcomes a variety of guests into his home and shares his love of 80s pop music with them. A cat is almost, but not actually, inserted into an ATM.

Rites of Spring (2011) — This movie asks the question: What if From Dusk Till Dawn wasn’t funny, and made even less sense? The answer: it would have sucked.

Movies that Didn’t Suck

The Machinist (2004) — A dark, brutal meditation on guilt, featuring scary power tools and a wicked haunted house sequence. Christian Bale is less sexy than usual, but still really good.

The Babadook (2014) — Children’s books are creepy, parenting is hard, and depression has big sharp claws and won’t leave your basement. Brilliant.

Actually honestly American Psycho didn’t suck either, but it was pretty ridiculous, especially when it gets all mind-fucky at the end.

That’s all. You can go, now.

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