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How Do We Feel about Paul Being Teal?

How Do We Feel about Paul Being Teal? published on No Comments on How Do We Feel about Paul Being Teal?



He’s Yoshimi’s husband, in case you forgot.

He’ll probably be getting at least as much screen time as Mynah did in the coming stories. Still, I’m running out of colors. I’m going to have to make some poor fool brown, soon.

Almost up to date!

Almost up to date! published on 2 Comments on Almost up to date!

I only have the Road story chunk and associated materials left to repost — there’s a lot of it; 80 or so pages of road trip, plus some filler and associated stories. I might draw it out a little, though — it’s be nice to have a whole new storyline ready to post right after the old stuff is all up, and I’m not ready for that yet.

When I do start doing new stuff, I’m not going to do weekly updates — I’m going to post in large chunks. Maybe 4 or more pages a month; maybe a chapter at a time; maybe I’ll just post a whole story chunk all at once when it’s done. I’m not sure yet. Whatever makes me most happy, honestly. Hopefully whatever I choose will make you happy, too.

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