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Chapter 53 — The One-Armed Maiden

Chapter 53 — The One-Armed Maiden published on No Comments on Chapter 53 — The One-Armed Maiden

Okay! Here we go! My first big set piece of my return. My favorite parts of SCB have always been the short, self-contained, action packed sequences like this one — Hooping, Famous Red Raincoat, Road. Look ’em up in the contents, I can’t be arsed.

This chapter is named for a common type of fairy tale about a female protagonist with at least one damaged arm. They also have such names as “The Girl Without Hands”, “The Girl with the Chopped-off Hands” and “Mad Max: Fury Road”.  Actually the real folk tales start with a horrific act of violence, and end with a wonderful miracle, but tend to degenerate into a flurry of letter writing in the middle. This chapter (and Fury Road, which I swear I had not seen when I started this) is more of a arm-impaired female protagonist grafted onto a more conventional Hero’s Journey. I was actually pretty stoked when I watched Fury Road and saw them using some of the same mythic elements I was. Yoshimi was pretty blown away by Imperator Furiosa.

Oh, but Y’s arm will not be chopped off during this story. It’s just broken. So you don’t worry.


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