Are thinking about starting a garden? If you answered yes, then read the rest of this article to find out about starting your own garden and which gardening equipment you will need.

First of all, you need room for a garden. Preferably an area that won’t be in the way of where your family will be playing.

Secondly, you should know what you would like to grow. Whether it be some kind of vegetable garden or maybe you would like to grow a flower garden.

Another issue you should do would be to make sure you obtain the right types of gardening equipment.

You can go with easy and inexpensive or complicated and pricey, however you have to choose something.

The essential gardening equipment you may need is something to move the soil. You should buy a rototiller to initially tear the grass and till the soil. You can also make use of a shovel and a rake just for this. What you want to accomplish depends on just how much you want to spend and whether you want to use some old fashioned elbow grease.

The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator’s exclusive patented reversible “serpentine” tines dig deep into even the hardest soil. It’s easy to start, easy to use. Let’s you get into tight places where no big tiller can go. Comes fully assembled.

If you decide to go with the rototiller, it’s going to cost you more money. However; it will be easier and quicker work. In order to save money and if you don’t mind sweating it, the shovel and rake works wonders too. Just make sure the rake is a heavy metal rake, not the thin metal types you could use to rake leaves. There are basically two variety of rakes, you will need a garden rake.

Once you have dug out your garden area, you might find that you have come across a few large rocks that you need to pry up and you might have a lot of grass clumps. For this task, you want to get your next gardening equipment – a wheelbarrow. This can be used to transport heavier items so that you not need to carry them yourself. As gardening equipment items go, this is one of the most useful. You can also use this for soil transport and moving around other things you need for the garden. You can use it for other jobs throughout the yard as well. There are plastic ones available which are lighter than metal. It all depends on what level you are planning on gardening. If you have a lot of rocks and dirt to move then a metal wheelbarrow would be best. If you are planning on doing light to medium gardening then a plastic model would be suitable. There are also small garden carts that may be more appropriate.

You should pick up some small gardening equipment, like a small hand sized spade, a small hand rake for wedding your garden, and a hoe. You should make sure that you purchase a good garden hose to water your plants if needed. Some people believe that knee pads and other like items are useful for comfort, that is certainly okay too. When you have back or knee problems, these can greatly enhance your gardening experience. Regardless how much you adore gardening, you could possibly give up quickly should you be in pain each time you are finished.

I’ve been gardening for a number of years and I own a wheel barrow, shovel, garden rake and a pitch fork. This is all the gardening equipment I need for my 8 x 4 raised garden bed. I don’t mind a little physical labor once in awhile. I also own a few tomato cages and plastic snap together cages that adjust to the plant as it’s growing (these are great for green peppers). For tomato plants you are best off with the wire cages six foot high at least, as tomatoes like to climb. I’ve found that if you can spend a little money on the better gardening equipment, it will save you money in the long run. Because then the gardening equipment will last you a long time and perform very well for you. There is nothing worse than working with a flimsy garden tool, as you will be working harder than need be.

There are numerous other types of gardening equipment available that you may be interested in. What you should think about is how helpful you think each item will be and how much money you need to spend to make your gardening experience a bit easier. There are a lot of things available that most folks do not need to buy. It all depends on how much you want to invest in your new hobby. Something that makes life easier for you is always worth it and if you plan on using it.

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