When choosing a snow blower, you need to take into account the performance of the device, the type of engine, the size of the wheels and even the terrain that you plan to clean. Choose the best snow shovels.

The choice of snow removal equipment is necessary depending on the volume of the proposed work and the condition of the snow to be removed. It is one thing when you remove freshly fallen snow once a month, and another thing when you have to clear rubble from a mixture of snow, ice and sand (which, for example, after clearing public roads by public utilities), is another thing. In the first case, you can limit yourself to simple and relatively low-power equipment, and to clear debris you need a high-performance snow thrower adapted to the most severe working conditions. We tell you the details and advise which snow blower to choose for a summer cottage or a permanent home.

Types of snow plows

All snow blowers can be divided into several types, depending on their design.

By type of motor power

  • Electric, mains powered.
  • Electric rechargeable batteries.
  • Gasoline.

By the presence of wheel drive

  • Self-propelled.
  • Man-driven.

The simplest and most low-power devices are the so-called electropaths, powered by mains or batteries. They work as follows: a 1.5-2 kW engine rotates a horizontal shaft with blades located in the shovel bucket. You move the shovel back and forth along the area to be cleared, and the rapidly rotating blades throw snow 5-10 m. It is not very difficult to work with the tool, the weight of such devices is on average 5-8 kg. Their most attractive parameter is their low price, which can be only 4-5 thousand rubles. Sheer trifles compared to expensive self-propelled models.

More complex and high-performance models are non-self-propelled snow blowers on a wheeled chassis. They are equipped with an engine with a power of 1.5-2.5 kW or more. Basically, this is a technique with an electric motor powered by the network, but there are both battery models (Greenworks) and gasoline (Champion) on sale. Non-self-propelled snow blowers on a wheeled chassis are already equipped with a device for directing snow away from the movement. This is a significant advantage over electric shovels, which throw snow straight ahead. Non-self-propelled snow blowers already weigh heavily: 15-20 kg and more.

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