If you want to get rid of fruit flies, the first thing that you have to do is to cut off their breeding supplies – food, shelter, and breeding ability. First of all, it is very important for you to be aware of the sources that encourage fruit fly infestation. Block these sources, and very soon, your house will be free from fruit flies. When you cut off their supply lines, they will look out for the new sources. If they do not find those sources inside your home, they will be left with no other option but to leave your house. So, here is how you have to go about it. Let’s start with the kitchen.


  1. Use garbage containers with tight-fitting lids. Keep the containers securely closed. Empty the bin frequently.
  2. Remove fabrics and other soft materials that are wet. Besides that, remove all standing liquids.
  3. Your house may also have some hidden spills and messes. Some of the possible locations include under the furniture, refrigerator, and other movable appliances.
  4. Check for exposed and forgotten foods on kitchen cabinets and pantries. Some of the common culprits include bags of legumes and grains (especially when they become moist) and sacks of potatoes. Get rid of these culprits first if you want to get rid of fruit flies.
  5. If there are old towels or sponges kept somewhere inside the kitchen, dispose them off.
  6. Make sure that your kitchen does not contain anything that is rotten.
  7. Do not forget to look underneath the kitchen sink. If there are leaks, it will encourage the fruit flies. Soft, moist or rotting wood is the worse culprit. So, fix it before they become a major problem for you.


  1. Just as you did in the kitchen, check underneath the bathroom sink for leaks.
  2. Use drain cleaner and ammonia to flush the bathtub and sink drains. Do it once every few hours in the beginning.

Living Areas

  1. Make sure that the living areas are free from any leftover food, plates, or drink ware.
  2. Spills and moisture on carpets may also be problematic for you. Therefore, inspect the same carefully by walking around barefoot.
  3. Likewise, spills and messes may also be found behind furniture and other such things.
  4. Once you eliminate all sources of entry inside your house, the next step is to look outside.

If you have lots of bushes and vegetation nearby, try to remove or relocate these things farther away. As a preventive measure, you should also use window screens. This may sound a lot of task, but this will bring a permanent solution for you and you will be able to get rid of fruit flies forever. Killing these tiny creatures may sound an easy task, but that is just a temporary solution. So, act wisely.

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