Mosquitoes are the harbingers of sleepless nights. Besides that, mosquito bites may also cause several diseases. Therefore, it is very important for you to be aware of the ways to get rid of these little insects. Killing mosquitoes by using harsh chemicals is definitely not the solution. You will be tired of killing them, but they will keep coming back to your home if you do not focus on blocking the sources that lead to mosquito infestation in and around your home. Besides that, since they are still living creatures, killing them is something I will not recommend. The following preventive measures work best in getting rid of them.

What Devices You Can Use

Still Water

Water that does not move is a major breeding ground for mosquitoes. If puddles of water are left unattended inside or around your home, in just a couple of weeks, one mosquito will become hundreds of mosquitoes. Therefore, check for things like bird feeders, coffee cans, beer bottles, pop cans, flowerpots, buckets, and anything else that can hold water. Keep all these things empty and cleaned up. Besides that, your apartment or home has a swimming pool, it is important for you to make sure that the chlorine levels are maintained properly.

Window Screens

Use window screens. This is one of the best methods for indoor mosquito control. If you are already using it, check if they need some repair work.

Mosquito Netting

If there is a heavy population of mosquitoes in and around your home, you are also recommended to use mosquito netting over your beds, at least for infants.

Pure Vanilla Extract

We all love the scent of vanilla but mosquitoes don’t. It has been found that pure vanilla extracts effectively ward off mosquitoes. All you have to do is apply this extract to show mosquitoes the exit door. It really works.

Keep Your Garden Mosquito Proof

No matter what you do to get rid of mosquitoes, your first priority should be to get your house and garden mosquito proof. For example, keep the gutters clear of debris. Make sure that the porches, doors, and windows are tightly screened. Keep grass cut short in the lawn. Mow the lawn at least once a week.

There are several mosquito repellants also available that you can use. But, you are recommended to avoid chemical based repellants. They may be harmful for you. Instead, you should use natural repellants, such as Catnip oil. Catnip oil has been found to be ten times more effective than chemical based repellants.

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