The most common way to get rid of roaches is to call an exterminators. But, the problem here is that they use harsh, poisonous chemicals that not only kill roaches but are also harmful for your health. Your household pets and your kids will be among those who will suffer the most with this. Besides that, it obviously doesn’t sound right to kill roaches – after all, they are still living beings. Moreover, it is also important for you to understand that roaches serve a very important purpose – they dispose organic waste and advion cockroach gel bait. Therefore, even if they are unwelcome guests in your house, killing them is obviously not the right solution. In fact, considering the very fact that there are some proven natural ways to get rid of roaches, there is simply no need to use harsh chemicals. The all-natural route does not only keep the roaches away but also ensures safety for your family and pets.

Bay Leaves

It is a known fact that roaches hate the smell of bay leaves. Therefore, a good way is to deal with cockroach problem without killing them is to use bay leaves. Get a bowl and smash up some bay leaves in it. Now, mark the places in your home where you see the roaches very often, such as the corners of the kitchen cabinet. Sprinkle the smashed bay leaves on all those corners. The smell of bay leaves will discourage the roaches and they will never come close to these places.


Cockroaches also stay away from those areas where they get the smell of catnip. They feel uncomfortable. Therefore, just like bay leaves, you can also sprinkle catnip around the target areas. Since roaches do not like its smell, they will soon leave your house.

Some Preventive Measures

After you have used the dishes, pans, and pots, clean them immediately.

  1. Make sure that the garbage cans you use at home are tightly closed all the times. Besides that, do not forget to take out the trash frequently.
  2. In fact, it is much better to keep the garbage can outside your home.

Always remember, simply killing the roaches is not the solution of the problem. It may bring some temporary relief for you, but the new lot of roaches is likely to attack again sooner or later. Therefore, even if you do not mind killing these little living creatures, you had better focus on the proven natural ways and the aforementioned preventive measures to get rid of roaches. These methods will force the roaches to leave your house. What is more, they will never come back.

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