Spiders are undoubtedly the most unwelcome guests in your home. However, there are several ways to get rid of spiders. The most common way is to use harsh chemicals, such as pesticides. But, the problem here is that these chemicals can be harmful to your health, and besides, you probably do not want to kill these little creatures – after all, they are still living beings. The good news is that there are natural remedies available that can help you get rid of spiders quite effectively. Here is a brief rundown on how to do this.

Eliminate Things That Attract Spiders

Spiders eat small insects. If there are spiders in your house, it means your house also contains bugs. Light is the main reason why bugs and spiders come into a house. Therefore, a good preventive measure is to use yellow bug repellent bulbs for outside lighting around your home. Besides that, it is also important for you to use window screens. If you are already using screens, check for holes and cracks. Make necessary repairs, if needed. Use the best spider repellents!

Keep Your House Clean

Dirt and dust are other things that attract spiders in your home. Therefore, a good preventive measure is to keep your house clean. In particular, you should look for dark corners, areas behind various appliances, and dust ceilings. These are some of the major locations where spiders do not only get their shelter but they also lay eggs, which can further increase the population of the spiders. Besides these areas, you should also take care of your garbage containers. Make sure that they are tightly closed all the time.

Natural Repellants

There are several natural repellants that have been found to be very effective. For example, spearmint or peppermint oils can help you get rid of spiders, as these oils strongly repel them. Get a spray bottle and fill it with these oils mixed with water. Spray the mixture on all those areas where you often see spiders. The presence of garlic is also something that spiders hate a lot. You can again use the spray bottle filled with water and a few cloves of garlic in it. Tomato leaves with water can also make another good repellant for spiders. Another great way to repel spiders is to put monkey balls in your basement and garage. However, you will have to carefully replace them before they rot. When you see that their color has changed to brown or darker green, it means they have started rotting.

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