So you’re probably thinking to yourself how do I kill fruit flies? Well, before you go head off into a shootout with the nasty buzzers I’d like to make sure you are well armed with some information about the enemy. Like any other enemy when it comes to killing fruits flies it helps to have some intel.

Kill Fruit Flies by knowing their cycle

Fruit flies go through four stages in their growth process and you can kill fruit flies in any of these stages. However before you begin to get rid of fruit flies you may need to know what the stages are first.

The four stages a fruit fly goes through are egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The following is a brief description of each of the fruit fly stages.

Stage 1: Egg

Fruit flies only live for a period of two weeks but during this short period a single one could lay up to 500 eggs. This fast reproduction rate makes it extremely difficult to kill fruit flies and get rid of them quickly. Due to the nature of their eggs fruit flies will only lay them in the surface of moist, organic materials. This is the reason why they are constantly seen around decaying fruits and veggies. This is the weakest point that you can use to kill fruit flies.

Stage 2: Larva

This stage occurs around 24 hours after the fruit fly egg has been laid. Around this period the fruit fly will come out as a larva and slowly begin to take shape. Learn how to kill fruit flies naturally in this stage.

Stage 3: Pupa

Consider the last formative stage, this is when the fruit flies get their wings and their color. Once they reach this stage it becomes more difficult to kill fruit flies because they are now able to buzz around your house. Don’t be worried though… I have a little secret that I’ve used to get rid of fruit flies even if they have already hit this stage.

Stage 4: Adult

At this stage the fruit fly is finally formed and considered a reproducing adult. They waste no time doing so because once they hit this stage they can begin reproducing in less than 2 days which makes your fruit fly control difficult.

Kill fruit flies while eliminating breeding grounds

The fruit fly trap I mentioned above is the best way I’ve found so far to kill fruit flies, however, they’ll keep coming back. As with anything the best offense is defense. Your defense in this case would be eliminating the breeding grounds so you don’t have to keep killing fruit flies. But doing this will also kill fruit flies in their younger stages.

How to eliminate breeding grounds to not kill fruit flies again

  1. Throw away wet trash frequently.
  2. Dump rotting fruits/vegetables or put them in the fridge.
  3. Look for any moisture in home plants.
  4. Check your drain for any food particles stuck in there.
  5. Thoroughly dry dish rags, wet mop etc frequently.

If you do these things regularly you will find that you no longer need to kill fruit flies on a constant basis.

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